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The overseas Business Division held a kick-off meeting for key work in the early stage of China-Thailand high-speed railway project


On November 19, the kick-off meeting of key work in the early stage of China-Thailand high-speed railway project was held in conference room 2685. The meeting was attended by more than 20 people including leaders of overseas Business Department, heads of all departments of the department and key members of the preparatory group.

On November 18, 2020, Thailand Railway Bureau held the signing ceremony of 5 contracts for civil engineering of China-Thailand high-speed railway, including 3-2, 3-3, 4-7, etc. It is expected that the 4-3 contract of our company will be signed in January 2021. Jiang Tao, head of the preparatory group for the early stage of China-Thailand high-speed railway, introduced the current progress of the project in detail, and from the aspects of labor personnel entry preparation, management personnel organization, sub-suppliers, technical preparation and so on, introduced the key advance matters in the early stage and the organs and departments that need to cooperate with the docking.

The leaders at the meeting made plans and arrangements for the specific issues raised at the meeting. CAI Jun, general secretary of the Party branch and general manager of the Overseas Business Division, emphasized the strategic significance of the southeast Asian regional market and made the following requirements: First, we should change our thinking, improve our understanding, overcome the competitive pressure, and use our own advantages to further develop the Southeast Asian market; Second, we should do a good job in cost control by concentrating advantageous resources. Third, while doing a good job in the project at the same time to reserve excellent sub-supplier resources, training, building talent echelon.

The China-Thailand high-speed railway is part of the Pan-Asian Railway, which runs from Kunming in China to Singapore. The total length of the first phase of the China-Thailand railway cooperation project is about 253km, with a designed maximum speed of 250km/h. The section 4-3 of The China-Thailand High-speed railway contracted by our company is located in the north of Bangkok (DK37+004.54-DK60+001.64), with a total length of 22.997km.

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